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Finally a doctor who knows you and is available when you need it most

Virtual & In-Person patient Follow-up services


180$ CAD an appointment

One-time Consult

No strings attached.

One-Time Virtual or In-Person Consult





Talk to a Québec doctor, within minutes

Yearly Subscription

Dedicated Family doctor with year-round follow-up services & much more.

Includes 12 appointments per year (virtual or in-person)

Includes texting and rapid communication with your doctor

Includes virtual appointments while traveling in Canada or USA

Includes 10% rebate on our Neuromodulator and Filler Fees

Yearly subscription to your family doctor Plan



*Can be divided into 12 equal monthly payments

How it Works

How It Works

Yearly Subscription to a dedicated  family doctor

You have direct and rapid communication with your doctor through encrypted text messages, email or telephone.

Appointed to one of our family doctors, who follows you yearlong

Includes 10 virtual or in-person appointments per year


We only  work  with  a  yearly  subscription

Additional Virtual coverage while you are traveling in North-America

When in the USA, you still have virtual access to your doctor.

Your doctor can prescribe medications, lab exams, medical imaging and specialist referrals for you while you are in the US.

Included in your yearly membership

We use ultrasounds with most physical exams 

Our staff is heavily trained in the use of Ultrasound imaging, which can help confirm or rule-out many diagnoses during a medical exam, in certain situations.

Consequently, for in-person visits, when possible, we often try to confirm our diagnosis, with the use of Point-of-Care Ultrasound imaging during physical exams.

Boutique Medicine is a concierge medicine service for people based in Canada.

We function as a private health club. You pay a yearly subscription and an assigned doctor follows you year-round, with easy virtual and in-person access to your doctor. This doctor knows you well and access is facilitated through text-messaging, emailing, telephone and virtual telecommunication. Moreover, you're covered for virtual appointments and prescriptions anywhere you travel in the USA, so it's ideal for snowbirds.

At Boutique Medicine we believe there shouldn't be hidden costs or billing surprises, this is why our yearly subscription includes practically all the costs for your yearly care in Canada. Rare exceptions like personal devices (IUD) or specific vaccines will be charged out of pocket. Here is a clear list of what is included with our yearly subscription.

When you're in Canada, we favor and encourage you to do your labwork and diagnostic exams for free in the public system, but you can always choose to pay for 3rd party private labwork if you prefer or if you have private insurance.

We actively help you navigate between both options for the most optimal, cost-efficient services.

Throughout our extensive experience in the health care system, we identified recurring problems which needlessly complexified health care services and disappointed both patients and caregivers. Wherever we went in the eastern part of the country, it became quite obvious that the people managing health establishments did not have a health-care worker background.

Fixing issues and being efficient never seemed to be a priority in the work-culture to the point that doctors could spend 10 minutes looking for a pen to write a prescription.

Patients always felt that the wait times were unreasonable and that their encounter with the physician was too rushed. Even today in the private sector, the allotted time for a consult is usually 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes, patients must explain their problem to a physician unfamiliar with their health, have a physical exam, be prescribed medications and investigations, and be counselled on the next steps to take. This often leaves little time for additional questions or concerns.

From the physician's point of view, although they have the purest intentions of providing quality care, they usually are running out of time, become 30 to 60 minutes late on their schedule, and feel the guilt of making the next patient wait too long for their appointment.

Our solution is to have more time dedicated to the patient and to be familiar with the patient's health history. This is done through computerization and automation of simple tasks; as well as continuity of care, by assigning a main primary care physician, fully dedicated to a favourable evolution of the patient's well being.

Our compromise is to charge slightly higher rates. This allows us to provide a sustainable and innovative private health care model.

These were the main reasons we decided to only accept yearly subscriptions. By doing so, we created a dynamic of satisfaction where our doctors can concentrate on what matters most, you, the patient.

One last thing...In today's society where everything has become medicalized, we at Boutique Medicine, are your ally.

We want to help you in any way that is legal.

Book a one-time appointment now

Try our service and you'll be talking to a doctor in a couple of minutes.

Start a chat

Click in the live chat box, and chat with us to get more information

Sign-up for our yearly plan

Contact-us to Sign up and have your own dedicated family doctor follow you year-round

Certified.   Responsive.   Compassionate.

You can rely on us to manage your health

Doctor Subscription

$2350 CAD a year*

* Amount can be divided into 12 automatic payments on a case to case basis.

Includes 10 virtual or in-person appointments per year

Includes virtual USA coverage

Pregnancy confirmation

Free for members

$320 CAD for exceptional non-member one-time appointments

Done by Ultrasound

Only done for 1st trimester pregnancies (up to 12 weeks)


$8 CAD per Unit for non-member.

10% rebate if you have a yearly medical subscription with us


Cost depending on brand

10% rebate if you have a yearly medical subscription with us

Patient Stories

“I'm so happy I don't have to lose my valuable time anymore. My doctor is always easily available at the touch of a finger. I love virtual appointments. It's surreal.”

Peter, 47
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