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Virtual Medical Consult

Available Online

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Price : 180.00$ CAD

Yearly Medical Subscription

This is our main service. By paying a yearly subscription of 2350$, you are matched to one of our family doctors who will follow you year-round. You get 10 appointments per year which can be virtual or in-person. In-person appointments have to be approved by the doctor, although we approve most of them. Moreover Boutique Medicine is set up in a way to legally have the right to prescribe in the USA. Consequently, while you're in the USA, we can prescribe your medication as well as order bloodwork or medical imaging. Another point that sets Boutique Medicine apart is our insistence to make our doctors easily accessible. This is why as a Boutique Medicine patient you can text message or email your doctor and expect an answer in a timely manner.


At Boutique Medicine we chose to adopt this patient care model because we want to minimize the chances of mistakes in our practice. We feel that we can offer a much better service to our patients if we know them and follow them like a traditional family doctor used to do.

Price : 1999$ per year* (Promo price), normally $2350 CAD per year.

* This amount can be divided into 12 automatic payments on a case to case basis.

* Exceptionally fees may be higher for certain active conditions requiring rigorous and continuous follow-ups

You must contact us to sign up for this service

Pregnancy confirmation by Ultrasound

The first couple of months of conception can be stressful and over-the-counter pregnancy tests give limited information. If you are wondering whether you are pregnant and would like to confirm this visually, Boutique Medicine offers visual confirmation of pregnancy through ultrasound. Such exams are available in the public system after long ER waits of 10 to 20 hours. At Boutique Medicine, the whole appointment takes less than 30 minutes.

Price : $320 CAD per appointment

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Neuromodulators for esthetics

Neuromodulators have many uses including reducing facial wrinkles, treating excessive sweating of the hands, underarms and scalp, and alleviating "gummy smiles".

Price :  $8 CAD per unit.

             10% rebate for our yearly members

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As we age, facial skin begins to sag. Fillers soften facial wrinkles and help to restore volume a volumizer in areas of the face that begin to droop

Price :  Depends on chosen product

             10% rebate for our yearly members

You must contact us to sign up for this service

What's included

What's included and what's not?

What's Included

- In-Person and Telemedicine family medicine appointments

- Most-physical exams are completed with an Ultrasound exam

- Annual health check-up (if desired by the patient)

- 24/7 online appointment booking

- Help with referral to a specialist

- Vaccination (cost of vaccine not included), subject to availability.

- Most basic government forms (each counts as 1 consultation)

- Cognitive assessment

- Ear wash

- Cryotherapy (ex:  skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, etc.)

- Ultrasound-guided infiltrations (infiltrated substance not included)

- Urinalysis (strip)

- Bladder scan

- IUD placement (IUD not included)

- IUD removal

- Verification of the position of the IUD by U/S

- Pap test (counts as an extra consult, since sent to private lab)

- Endometrial biopsy (Pipelle not included)

- Confirmation of pregnancy (urine test)

- Confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy by ultrasound

- Minor surgery

- Wound sutures / Removal of stitches

- Change of dressings (dressings not included)

- Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening by U/S

- Search for deep vein thrombosis by U/S

What's NOT included

- IUD's

- The vaccine itself

- Lab tests (bloodwork, cultures, Holter, EKG, X-rays, etc).

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