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Our Story

How we came to be

After doing 8 years of Diagnostic Radiology in the province of Quebec, Dr. Azzi did 2 years of Family Medicine in friendly Manitoba and is now practicing General Medicine in both Quebec and Manitoba. He also teaches Ultrasound to fellow Family Doctors and holds a Medical license in the USA.

Prior to medicine, Dr.Azzi did theoretical research in 2004 on the possibility of curing HIV infections through genetically engineered hematopoietic stem cell autografts; he also proudly represented his province and country in varsity sports throughout North America.

After all his studies, he always found the Quebec public health care system to be lacking in many areas compared to private corporations, including reliability, accountability, efficiency and the respectful treatment of employees.


Having been a subordinate in that system for 15 years, it was clear to Dr. Azzi, that such a behemoth of a system plagued with private interests could not be changed, and he consequently decided to create something more nimble and user-friendly the instant he could. He envisioned something where the patient would get precisely what they agreed to pay for, without the heaviness of bureaucracy; a system where the client was the boss and where demands were fulfilled rapidly and respectfully.

It is from this simple idea that Boutique Medicine was founded and is now attracting more doctors and staff.

If efficient healthcare can't be least it's tax deductible.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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