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Online Erectile Dysfunction Treatment & Prescription...    in Québec

You're thinking that you might have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and would like a fast Virtual or In-Person discussion, treatment and prescription from your doctor.

Call us now, and talk to one of our doctors today.

We make complicated things look easy

ED can be a touchy subject to acknowledge and to discuss. Symptoms of ED are initially subtle, slowly progress and include : Trouble getting or keeping an erection and Reduced sex drive. When left untreated it can bring about feelings of guilt or  embarrassment and low self-esteem.

At Boutique Medicine your doctor knows you and will establish a trusting relationship threw which you will be able to discuss your feelings, interrogations and insecurities regarding ED, in a supportive and understanding environment.

We strive everyday to give you some of the best, most reliable and most time and cost efficient access to healthcare in Quebec.

Give us a call and be pleasantly surprised.

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How do I see a doctor at Boutique Medicine?

To see a doctor, you can call us, and you'll be matched with one of our family doctors within the same day. From then on, you can text, email or call your doctor directly. You can also take appointments online, by yourself, for virtual or in-person appointments.

Can you diagnose and treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) online?

ED as we call it, is a very common reason for consultation in men; and your Boutique Medicine doctor can make the diagnosis online. If need be your doctor can send a treatment prescription (examples : Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) to your local pharmacist. If your doctor deems it necessary, he can send you, by secure-email, requisitions for some blood-work or other physical tests. All of this can be accomplished from the comfort of your home.

When should I consult a doctor for ED

About 90% of men will suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point during their lives. ED can be temporary if caused by a particular event that will pass (anxiety, depression). On the other hand, recurring inability to keep an erection may point to a more permanent  it can be cause. In both cases, consulting a doctor earlier insures a better understanding of your situation and a better medical outcome.

What is Boutique Medicine?

We're a hybrid clinic. We're trying to be the best of all worlds. Our doctors will see you virtually, but if your issue warrant's it, the same doctors will see you In-Person within a couple hours or days depending on the day of the week. However, please be aware that we do not treat any minor or major emergencies; for those you will have to go to the Hospital.

I'm not covered by any insurance, will you still see me?

Boutique Medicine is completely private. We are so private, that we cover our patients both in Canada and while they are in the USA (USA coverage is only by Telemedicine).

I have insurance coverage, do you accept it?

The patient must directly pay Boutique Medicine. We can provide you with an insurance receipt. However we do not interact directly with your insurance agencies.

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